YouTube and Vimeo advanced viewer extensions for BlogEngine.NET

YouTube and Vimeo advanced viewer extensions for BlogEngine.NET
I was using the YouTubePlayer and VimeoPlayer extensions that come with BlogEngine.NET out of the box. They do a great work showing videos in desktop browsers, but I found some limitations that I wanted to overcome. So I decided to write my own extensions to substitute this two. The YoutubeViewer and VimeoViewer extensions that I've written offer the following features: Automatically embed a viewer for YouTube or Vimeo videos with a simple syntax. The basic syntax is and where XXXX is the video ID that you can get from the URL (squared in red in the images): The viewer adapt automatically to the capabilities of the browser used to browse your site. That means that they will be displayed correctly and full-featured even in mobile devices like iPhone, Android or iPad. From the Extensions tab of BlogEngine you can set the default values for the viewer's Width, Height, Border (Yes or No), Include related videos (YouTube only), Allow Full Screen (YouTube only), Title text ... [Más]

BlogEngine.net Extension: Scribd Viewer 1.0

BlogEngine.net Extension: Scribd Viewer 1.0
I'm a big fan of the "youtube of documents", Scribd. Our company has a page full of interesting technical documents there (in Spanish, sorry) and it's frequent that we need to add one of those documents embedded in a blog post or page. So I decided to create a new extension for BlogEngine.net that will allow to use the already available embdedded codes that Scribd offers for WordPress users. Installing the Scribd Viewer Extension for BlogEngine.net Just download this ZIP here: ScribdViewer.zip (108KB), expand the contenst and copy the ScribdViewer.cs file to your BlogEngine.net /App_Code/Extensions folder. That's it. Now go to the administration part of your blog and in the "Extensiones" tab make sure that the new "Scribd Viewer" extension is enabled. You can configure it by setting the width and height of the viewer (read more about it below). Now you can start using the extension for embedding Scribd documents in your posts and pages (both types of content are supported). ... [Más]

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